Cruising at 100mph

You gotta love the autobahn. There you are cruising along at 100+ mph, passing everything and still you manage to get some crazy Mercedes driver up your tailpipe wanting to overtake! If they are in that much of a hurry I just let them by. In any case it’s not long until you reach the next set of road works and the limit drops down to 80kmh.

I left Dave and Wendy’s place in Mons this morning and thought I would be closer to Austria by now, I covered 345 miles but still have a long way to go. Perhaps I spent to long at lunch, but I was stopped at a service station and got chatting to a Slovakian guy who works in London, and was on his way to the MotoGP at Sachsenring tomorrow.

I will make Austria tomorrow, so it looks like Hungary on Monday. First concert is Tuesday so still plenty of time. Must get off the autobahns though, gets a bit monotonous after the first 200 miles.