No one home

Got to Budapest about 20:00, after a 2 hour blast along the autoroute. There are no toll booths for the Hungarian autoroutes, but you do need to pay. You purchase something called a ‘vignette’ which is basically just a receipt to show the police if stopped. I paid €6.10 at a little portacabin at a Shell station just before the border. This is valid for 10 days use of the autoroutes and was the minimum I could buy.

I did have a room booked, but after turning up at the hostel could not get anyone to let me in. Despite lots of help from the locals I could not get into the place. After about an hour I gave up and booked another room at the Casa Sol Hotel, near by. It’s recently been refurbished and not quite finished, perfectly ok though and cheap. Also has underground parking.