It’s amazing, you spend mile after mile and hairpin after hairpin and think you must be getting to the end but it just keeps going. The bit you always see in the pictures is a tiny part, heading south up to the highest point at just over 2000m. Then there’s a 984m tunnel before you start the climb down the other side. It’s every bit as picturesque and twisty. There is the occasional car but not too many, and although passing places are limited you can usually pass them fairly quickly. Due to the number of hairpins, it’s not a fast road but it is challenging as you flick left, then right and left again. The tarmac is a bit patchy in a lot of places, but I guess that’s due to the freezing temperatures throughout most of the year, there are still patches of snow on the top. The temperature went down to about 14°C but soon warmed up as the altitude fell.

I spent the morning heading north to south and stopped at Poenari Castle, which once belonged to Vlad (III the Impaler) Dracula. I climbed the 1480 steps to reach the castle and have a look around. For a 500 year old ruin there is still plenty to see.

After looking around the castle I headed north, back towards my hotel.