Ich liebe es™

So the North European Tour of McDonalds ‘restaurants’ continues. I am currently stopped in Flensburg for a coffee and apfelkuchen. I have discovered one flaw with Mickey D’s wifi though. They give you 3 hours free use a day, but that starts when you first log on. If you log on then travel 3 hours north it still counts. So despite being sat over 200km from where I first logged on, my daily allowance has been used up.

Still, it’s not far to the Danish border and I will be back on 4G, then I will start looking for somewhere to stay the night.

Apart from an exciting 5 minute ferry trip across the Weser this morning most of today has been boring autobahn. So it’s a case of me cruising along at 80-90mph and various Audis, Mercs (and even flat bed trucks carrying various Audis, Mercs) hurtling past and hitting the brakes because the car in front pulled out to pass a lorry.