If you need a tunnel, call a Norwegian

Last nights accommodation was a slight improvement on the shed in Hjørring. It was more like a converted portakabin. The ‘cottage’ was in a ski resort in Røldal, there’s shared showers and kitchens but as there didn’t seem to be anyone else around I had the place to myself. Opposite was, guess what? A waterfall.

If you are in need of a tunnel you could do a lot worse than call a Norwegian. They have a lot of experience. There are old tunnels, new tunnels, short and long tunnels, dark tunnels and some well lit with coloured lights. There are tunnels with corners, tunnels on hills and the most impressive… a tunnel with a roundabout!

Emerging from a tunnel always creates great anticipation, because no matter how breathtaking and beautiful the scenery when you went in, it manages to be even more so when you come out the other end. I’m not even half way yet and the views are on a par or surpass anything I have seen in the Alps, Croatia or Romania.