The Atlantic Ocean Highway runs along the coast to Kristiansund so after leaving the Aukra ferry I turned left. This avoids the main road and takes me through Bud on the 663. The section between Bud and Vevang is the old coast road, most traffic now uses the newer 64 route. So this means fewer campers and caravans for me as the road twists and turns along the coast.

There’s a strong wind blowing of the sea and it has got noticeably colder in the last couple of days. Cold enough, in fact, for me to swap to winter gloves and put a jumper on.

After Vevang the road joins the 64 just before the Storseisundet Bridge. It’s this short 8km section which has the official title Atlantic Ocean Highway but if you take in the whole of the route from Bud to Kristiansund you experience much more of the coast and it really is a great road.