Dubrovnik to Bari

I arrived in Dubrovnik late afternoon to discover that the next ferry to Bari, Italy was not until 20:30 the next day. So I needed to find a room for the night. In the end, a room found me as there were plenty of locals touting for rooms at the ferry port. After looking a room over I took one right opposite the ferry port.

Dubrovnik was quite interesting, I rode around the old walled city and walked along the harbour. There were all the usual tourist things, bars and restaurants. I had another variation of the scampi I tried last in Norway, this time it was whole and included with the knife and fork were what resembled pliers to help dismantle the shellfish.

The ferry to Bari takes around 10 hours, and as it was overnight at least I didn’t need to find a room. Cabins are available but I took the cheaper option and stuck with a reclining chair.

After an OK nights sleep I arrived in Bari at about 06:00 the next morning. First impressions of Bari were not good. I wanted to find somewhere to sit, have a coffee and work out what to do next. Everything was closed, so I used my satnav to find the nearest McDonalds. There was a good chance they would be open and have wifi, and if I saw something better along the way I could stop there.

After a couple of dead ends and road closures I eventually reached the McDrive. But I passed through some of the most dilapidated areas I’ve seen, so either I just found the worst of Bari or it’s not a tourist hotspot. I booked a room in the campus hostel, checked in and went exploring. Eventually after several streets of closed shops and old buildings I did find the city centre. To be fair the centre, and along the harbour are quite picturesque but a big contrast to the rest of Bari.