Arctic Circle Raceway


Just north of Mo i Rana and 30km south of the Arctic Circle is the [Arctic Circle Raceway] the biggest race track in Norway.

I can’t see anybody about as I ride right up to the pit lane and was able to have a good look around the pits. Apart from the main circuit there is a motocross and go-kart track, neither of which were in operation at the time.

Across the other side of the circuit I could see a car and signs of life so I went across. There were a couple of guys putting up signs or fences so I chatted with them a bit about the site.

“Would be OK to have a ride round the circuit?”, I asked.

“Sure, we don’t see anything.”, one of the guys said.

So I did, I rode back to the pit lane and out onto the track. I was taking it easy to start as I didn’t know the track and didn’t want to go too mad. It was difficult to hold back on the straights though, however the straights are quite short and it’s not long before you hit another bend.

On the second lap I was a bit faster. If I could have stayed longer I am sure my lap times would have improved. 😊