There are two routes leading to Auberge Les Etoiles. There is the long way, around the mountain on a relatively easy route used by most of the car and truck traffic. Then there is the short way, up a steep, winding trail with some worrying drop-offs to one side.
The trail was rocky and narrow with some sharp drop-offs

It doesn’t look to bad from the photos, and to be honest once you had done it once it wasn’t that much of a challenge. But there were some deep gravelly bits and sharp, steep harpins to navigate as well as a few washed out sections complete with donkey for added fun.
It doesn’t look it, but was quite steep in places
The view from the side of the trail

The Auberge didn’t look much from the outside, but there was a garage in which we could store all the bikes. But once inside it was very comfortable. All the rooms formed a circle around a central lobby and looking over the balcony we could see olives drying on the floor below.
Olives drying in the hotel lobby

The rooms were large and had all the conveniences. On arrival we were immediately served tea on the small and narrow terrace at the back of the hotel. This overlooked the village and gave a great view of the area.
The village lay in an oasis between the mountains
View east from the auberge terrace
View west from the auberge terrace