Belgrade and biker parties


Left Sibiu after breakfast and headed west towards Belgrade. Most of the journey was backtracking my earlier route, just turned left at Timisoara. First impression of Serbia was how straight and flat the roads are, some of the straights must be 2-3 miles and you can see way in the distance. Then there is a 90° corner and another 2 mile straight.

After driving just over 2000 miles I had had no problems with police and hadn’t seen much of them. However, literally 2 miles over the Serbian border I was pulled over by a cop in the road. There were three of them just waiting by the side of the road, they took my passport and I wondered if I had been speeding as the limits are quite low, 30kmh in places. I imagined being escorted to a cash machine to pay some fine, as I had no local currency. But after what seemed like ages, but only probably 5 minutes, he had transcribed everything in my passport he wanted, he smiled and let me carry on.

It was getting late when I hit Belgrade, I had no accommodation booked so I was looking for the international free WiFi symbol (see earlier post). Finally found one on the outskirts of Belgrade, and stopped and was just about to go in. I had seen a small group of local bikes on my left as I rode in but didn’t take that much notice apart form a cursory nod.

One of the group came across and started chatting in pretty good English, said they were a small biker club that regularly meet and ride out together. Asked me where I had been and where I was going etc. then said he and his friends where just off to a party nearby with some other friends and would I like to come along. I said I had no local money, needed a shower and was looking for a hotel.

Marko (as I later found out he was called) told me not to worry I could use the shower at the hosts place and stay the night or find a hotel later. So, I thought “what the hell”, and said yes.

As I followed the 4 other bikes and 1 car north up the autoroute and then into a housing area I was imagining all the things that could go wrong. I didn’t know these people or where I was going.

We arrived at the hosts house and I was introduced to everyone and showed around. Turned into a really good evening, Mira, who was hosting the party, had a 1970 BMW in almost original condition and liked all thing BMW. Not only was this the house but there was also a big workshop with welding equipment, saws and a lathe bigger that my car. I was given beer, goulash and the use of the shower.

During the evening we were entertained by 4 of the guests who had a band, the played lots of loud heavy metal covers. Found out after that that they were all lawyers.

When it quietened down a bit, I was offered the ‘guest’ room to sleep in. It was the best evening of the trip so far and totally unexpected. Thanks to Marko, Mira and everyone else for their hospitality.