A friend I know from Bristol and used to work with was, coincidentally, working in Bydgoszcz, just north west of Warsaw. So that seemed a good enough reason to head in that direction. Dave, of course, just happened to be in the most expensive hotel in the area, but fortunately as he was in a twin room I was able to share his room.

Together with Robert, Dave’s colleague, we hit the town. After enjoying a traditional Polish meal and sweet wine in a restaurant decorated with animal skins we finished stuffing ourselves with ice cream.

Next morning I left Bydgoszcz and headed north to Gdansk, it was only going to be a quick visit as it was in the opposite direction I should of been heading. Like Bydgoszcz, Gdansk is very picturesque, why is it all these places seem to be enhanced when they have a river running through them?