Fossbakken to Alta


Returning to the mainland after Lofoton the weather didn’t get any better. If anything it was getting worse. I stopped for a couple of hours just to warm up a bit and have something to eat. I was considering turning around and heading south in the hope of warmer weather.

I had still covered nearly 280 miles that day so as it was getting late I decided I would find a cabin, have something to eat and get some sleep. If the weather didn’t look any better in the morning I could turn back then.

The forecast wasn’t looking promising and the next morning it was still drizzling. I packed up and left my nice warm cosy cabin. Looking at the map and the distance I had covered to get where I was it became very hard to admit defeat and turn around. So, ever the optimist I convinced myself that the weather would be better just around the next headland.

I was following the E6 as it twists and turns along the edges of the fiords so there is always a next headland to go around. There are a lot of quarries in the north so lots more heavy lorries passing in the opposite direction throwing up spray and buffeting side winds as they pass.

I was convinced it was getting brighter way off in the distance though. And then there was a bit of pale blue sky, then a bit more. Then it stopped raining, and the road became dry. Then more blue sky, and the temperature was creeping up. Then sunshine, then a shower but then more sunshine.

I eventually arrived in Alta, which seemed to exist in its own climate. It was about 12°C but felt much warmer. Alta is about a 3.5 hour ride to Nordkapp so I thought this a good place to book a cabin for two nights. That would mean I would have a day to get to Nordkapp and then somewhere to return to afterwards.