Hotel Beautiful

The ferry crossing to Nador was about six hours and as we hadn’t paid the extra for a cabin, all we could do was find somewhere to sit. After having some lunch we moved to a lounge area. There was a TV in the corner showing what looked like the weekly lottery number selection. The number selection was punctuated with two kids chanting some sort of prayer in Arabic, in very annoying high pitched voices. This seemed to go on for hours, and me and Chris were both chanting along by the end.
Hotel Beautiful lounge

It was already getting late when we arrived in Nador and after queuing to get through border control it was even later. Our passports had already been checked on the ferry, now we needed to show the bike documentation so that we could get a tiny slip of paper as confirmation that we had done so. Then after a quick search of our luggage we were finally allowed to leave the port.

It was quite dark now but we knew where we were going as we had booked a hotel earlier in the day. However, the location was not as marked on the online map we were using. We stopped a couple of times to ask directions and after riding down a few dead ends we eventually found the hotel.

I don’t know about Beautiful, the surrounding buildings all seemed to be in different states of construction or renovation, but it certainly was big. For €35 a night I had two bedrooms, a kitchen and a very large lounge. Too bad it was only for a single night.