How can anyone be so stupid? pt 2

My insurance doesn’t include cover for countries not part of the EU (e.g. Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania) so when entering these countries its a legal requirement to purchase nominal ‘insurance’ cover at the border. I was so keen to do this when entering Montenegro after having my passport checked by the Kosovan border guards that I headed straight for the first hut displaying the ‘insurance sold here’ sign. I paid the €10 and in return received my new insurance certificate, interestingly it looked a lot like the Kosovan certificate I had bought a couple of days ago.

It wasn’t until a two or three kilometres down the road that I realised that I was still in no-man’s-land and hadn’t actually entered Montenegro yet, that was coming up. I had just bought insurance for the country I was leaving and had yet to buy insurance for Montenegro. Oh well, could have been worse, Macedonia charge €50 at the border for insurance.