Illyria Adventure

Finally, after being cancelled last year due to some pandemic or something, I am sitting in Athens airport on my way to the start of the Illyria Raid. I have about an 8 hour wait here for a connecting flight to take me to Ioannina and the starting point of the rally. I’ve walked the delarture lounge, looked around WH Smith (in Greece, who knew?) and had a coffee. Only thing left to do now is write some rubbish here.

What is the Illyria Raid?
Illyria Raid is a 2000km off-road rally raid starting in Greece and finishing in Croatia 7 days later. Earlier this year was the spring and reverse editions, and now this final one for 2021, the fall edition. The route can be seen above, and during the 7 days we pass through Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and finish in Zadar, Croatia. There are different categories for bikes, quads and SxS’s. I don’t know how many participants there are but I would guess around a 100, so it’s a big event.

The actual start is on Sunday, so today is for prep, scrutineering and of course the first evening dinner.