Larisa to Phocis

The hotel room in Larisa wasn’t the worse I’ve been in but it was a contender for the smallest. The door to the room wouldn’t open fully because the bed was in the way and the shower was also the toilet. Still, it was very welcome last night and I slept just fine.

After a coffee and croissant breakfast the two of us left Larisa, we hadn’t heard from the others so we followed the original route via Volos thinking we may catch them up on the way.
Phocis beach at sunset

We were following the satnav and it was doing an excellent job of finding some really quiet and fun roads. With just the two of us we could manage a more sporty pace as we rode through remote villages and narrow roads lined with fields of olive trees. It was early afternoon when we arrived at Phocis and started looking for a beach, we actually found a campsite with a beach. By now, Marko had manage to contact the other two and told them where we were and it wasn’t long before they too arrived.
Volos harbour