Lofoton Isles


I was really looking forward to the Lofoton Isles as I had heard good things. However the combination of arriving off the ferry at 04:30, the grey overcast sky and the freezing drizzle wasn’t all that appealing.

I did manage to visit the village of Å, difficult to miss as its the most southerly point. Any further and you’d be in the Atlantic. I had a walk around the stockfish frames, this is a method of drying fish, mainly cod, in the cold dry air which is a major export for the islands. The large wooden frames are all over the islands and contain hundreds of hanging fish.

There wasn’t a lot open at that time of the morning, even the petrol stations don’t open until 06:00. So I continued heading north. So just after 06:00 I pulled into a Statoil for a warm bun and coffee for breakfast. As I was leaving j noticed the tyre repair place next door. I asked the guy about repairing my tyre but he said that legally he was not allowed to fix a motorcycle tyre. He would lend me the stuff to do it myself though.

It wasn’t long before I was at the northern point of the Lofoton where a bridge takes you to the mainland. As the weather hadn’t improved much, after warming up in a cafe I carried on north.