Mosjøen to Bodø


The hotel in Mosjøen was cheap and tidy. The landscape on the way here has changed quite a bit. I am no longer riding through mountains, but now in the valleys between them. The mountains are way in the distance on either side.

Weather is getting a lot cooler though still dry. I arrived at the Bodø ferry terminal at about 19:00. There are two German bikes already here and a couple of camper vans. Both waiting for the next ferry to Moskenes on the Lofoton Isles. Checking the timetable, the next ferry is not until 00:45 though, so we have a long wait.

I had a quick ride around Bodø to find a cafe and petrol and to pump up my tyre. It’s quite a large town, there’s a lot of people around going to bars and restaurants. By this time it was gone 21:00 and still daylight so ingot the impression that things were only just getting started.

Returning to the ferry terminal there was nothing much to do except try and get some sleep in the waiting room.