I had the whole day to get to Nordkapp and back, and as it never gets dark around here that is a long day. Leaving Alta the weather was good, not to much cloud and about 13-14°C. It was a 3.5 hour ride across the mountains and as I was warned the weather started to deteriorate the further I got. 

The roads across the mountains are very straight through large treeless plateaus, with no signs of life apart from the occasional cabin or farm. There are still patches of snow laying around in places but it’s not really cold, not yet.

The landscape doesn’t change for over an hour, the only other sign of life the occasional camper van and there seem to be a lot of cyclists heading the same way, some in groups, some solo but all loaded down with bags front and rear.

After a while I start to reach the very north and descend to sea level as the road starts to follow the coast. The wind is coming of the sea now and blows constant and very strong. You tend to notice it more on a bike and I have to lean to compensate. The temperature has dropped to about 6-7° and there is still an hour or so to go.

This is a really great road, very little traffic, great surface and long sweeping bends. Mountains on one side, a small wall and sheer drop to the sea on the other.

I pass the sign to Knivskjelodden, this is actually a point further north than Nordkapp. But there is no road so you have to park then hike for 3-4 hours. Maybe next time.

Then, over the next rise I can see the familiar round dome of Nordkapp, and a queue of camper vans. I have made it. The temperature has now dropped to 3° so I am more than happy to pay the 260kr to reach the visitors centre. There is a cafe, restaurant, bar and obligatory souvenir shop.

After doing the touristy stuff, taking photos, looking around the shop and warming in the cafe it’s time to head back. I had been inside for the last couple of hours and when I emerged the weather could not have been more different. The temperature was now 8-9°, the wind seemed to have dropped and there where patches of blue sky. This made the ride back all the more enjoyable.