Hjørring ferry terminal looks pretty much like every other ferry terminal. Same facilities too, i.e. none. After a fairly uneventful 4 hour crossing I finally arrived in Larvik, Norway. Larvik ferry terminal looks pretty much like every other ferry terminal.

The first thing you notice riding out of the ferry port is “what a lot of wood”. There are piles of neatly arranged pine trunks everywhere. I found directions to a nearby campsite and left Larvik behind.

The scenery is amazing, pine forests everywhere (that’s where all the pine trunks came from), brightly coloured wooden houses and grass roofs. The campsite was in amongst one of the pine forests, on the shores of a fjord and with a large rock face at the back. The facilities at the campsite where excellent, but as usual there was job restaurant or cafe, or even shop. So I had to take a small trip to the nearest supermarket to get milk etc.

Weather so far has been fantastic, apart from a shower leaving the UK and a bit in Holland it’s been mid 20’s. I’m beginning to wonder why I have a pannier full of jumpers, heated vest and gloves. But today riding towards Bergen the temperature actually dropped to 10°C. That was at the top of a mountain, 1000m above sea level, and in a tunnel though, and soon climbed back to 23°.

It’s strange riding along in 23°C looking at the snow by the side of the road and the ice covered lakes. All that melting water means there are waterfalls everywhere, large and small. Some close by the road and others way off in the distance.