One more night in Denmark


I was expecting to get to Hirtshals, board the ferry and be in Norway by now but these things never quite work out.

I stayed last night in a converted barn in Guderup, southern Denmark. The place was great, really comfortable with a mini kitchen in the room. It was so comfortable in fact that I didn’t leave until about 10:30! I back tracked about 20 minutes ride as I had dropped my camelbak last time I stopped for fuel. It was a long shot but it wasn’t that far. No luck finding it though.

With that and leaving late when I finally got to Hirtshals the ferries had all gone. Well, not really, there were some evening crossings, but I didn’t like the idea of arriving in Norway at gone 10:00pm and then finding somewhere to sleep. So I decided to spend another night in Denmark, in a shed in Hjørring. It’s advertised as a cottage, but it’s really a shed with a bunk bed.

I have booked a ferry for 12:45pm tomorrow, so I will be in Norway soon.