Cruising at 100mph

You gotta love the autobahn. There you are cruising along at 100+ mph, passing everything and still you manage to get some crazy Mercedes driver up your tailpipe wanting to overtake! If they are in that much of a hurry I just let them by. In any case it’s not long until you reach the next set of road works and the limit drops down to 80kmh. I left Dave and Wendy’s place in Mons this morning and thought I would be closer to Austria by now, I covered 345 miles but still have a long way to go.

Cheltenham to Mons (Belgium)

I always knew that the worst bit of the trip to Europe would be getting out of England. It took about 3.5 hours in the end, from Cheltenham to Folkestone. As expected sections of the M25 were like riding through a supermarket car park. Traffic was stationary in places, it was Friday afternoon after all. But then there was the added problem of Operation Stack, this involves turning large sections of the M20 into a lorry park and closing it to other traffic!

Hungarian Tour

Daniel is on a school trip in a couple of weeks to Hungary. As part of the school orchestra he will be performing 3 concerts in Budapest. So, always looking for an excuse for a tour, I will be riding to Budapest to meet up with him and watch one of the concerts. I leave a couple of days before him, he is flying, and intend to stop off at friends on the way.