Pyrgos to Thiva

I´d twisted my ankle in that fall in the mud last night, was a lot better this morning but still painful to walk on. The others were going to do some sightseeing but I just wanted to put my leg up and rest my ankle. No way was I going to be doing much walking. So whilst they visited the sites I headed straight to Athens to a hotel that Marko had reserved.

After a few hours I arrived in Athens, it was reallly hot, traffic was terrible and my ankle hurt. Maybe on a better day I would think differently but today I took an instant dislike to the place. It was a nightmare to find the hotel and when I did it didn’t really lift my spirits. I limped up the narrow stairs to reception and asked to see the room, I wasn’t very hopeful. It was a tall narrow building and of course the room was in the attic up a few more flights of stairs.

There were four beds arranged randomly, and the heat hit me as soon as I walked in. My plan of spending the following day with my ankle up was not looking good. Surviving the night would be a challenge in itself, let alone actually getting any sleep. So I made some excuse and quickly left.

I battled once more through the Athens traffic and just headed north. I thought maybe I could find some reasonably priced hotel away from the city. Away from all the traffic the roads where really good and it was even cooling down a bit. I found a hotel near a town called Thiva and after a quick negotiation with the owner got a decent rate for two nights, with breakfast. Which was nice.