Returning through Italy

I returned back to Italy the same as I arrived, via catamaran. Reached Pozzallo early Monday morning after an early start. Last night was spent in a McDonald’s until about 03:00 then hanging around a closed pavement cafe until I could board the ferry at about 05:30.

I didn’t want to hang around too long so only planned a couple of stops in Italy. First was at Pompeii, where I booked in at a campsite opposite the ruins. Then spent 3-4 hours wandering around the old city. I only just managed to see the highlights and you could easily spend several days wandering around amongst the residencies, theatres and temples.

I left the campsite early the next morning and continued north. I made a detour through the centre of Rome to ride around the Colosseum. The scale of these old buildings is amazing. I thought the same at Pompeii, the temples and civic buildings are massive.

Lastly on the list for Italy was Pisa. I left Rome later afternoon and it was about 20:00 when I finally arrived in Pisa at the leaning tower. The roads seem to be all one-way and the satnav was determined to send me the wrong way down some of them. It’s difficult to comprehend how far the leaning tower actually leans until you stand in front of it. Pictures don’t do it justice due to parallax, unless you have a 10m selfie stick.

Italy is like one great big archeological site, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the scale and history of these places. Well worth a visit if you can make it. But watch those Italian drivers.