Serbia to Bosnia & Herzegovina to Croatia to Bosnia & Herzegovina to Crotia


Spent the night in Mira’s ‘guest’ room, it was very comfortable and I slept well despite the heat. The next morning there were a couple of people that had stayed after the party so we all had breakfast together.

I had to get a move on so late morning I said my farewells and after a quick photo session I was on my way. Big thanks to Marko for inviting me and Mira for host hospitality, was a great evening.

I was heading for the Plitvice National Park in Crotia. The most direct route meant having to cross from Crotia to Bosnia & Herzegovina a couple of times. Not a problem I thought, but the first time I tried to enter BiH the border guard asked for my green card. Umm, I didn’t have one and was prepared to turn around and find an alternative route.

But the guard mentioned I could buy a 3 day green card for €23, I did think about turning round but wanted to ride through BiH, so I parked my bike and walked the 50m to the little office, paid my €23 and got a little sheet of paper with some strange writing on it. At least now I can carry on.

There are long queues into and out of BiH, and the borders were a real pain.

It was after 10pm when I finally got to my hotel in Croatia. It was dark and took a while to find the place, eventually after asking at a fuel station and restaurant I did find it about 11:00pm.