Some People Never Learn

You would think that after losing my CamelBak at the start of this trip nearly two months earlier I would make sure that all my luggage was secured to the back of the bike. But, oh no. I was riding around Lake Laguna in Switzerland checking the sites and taking pictures, my boots were (or so I thought) wedged in between my luggage on the back. It was a built up area with lots of traffic so I was not going fast. I turned around to have a quick check of my luggage and after a double take realised I was one boot down.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had placed them there so I could narrow down the search area. I looked in the immediate area but there was nothing, so I started retracing my steps. I spent over an hour going backwards and forwards along a 20km stretch besides the Lake and must have passed by my boot a couple of times. Then just as I was about to give up, I spotted it sat on the wall overlooking the lake.

Someone must have picked it up out of the road and placed it on the wall. So whoever you are, thank you.