That’s all folks

Switzerland was really the last part of the trip, the plan now was to just get back to the UK as soon as possible. So far I had tried to stay off toll roads, but the quickest way back was the Swiss and French autoroutes. It was past midnight when I reached France, and I hadn’t booked anywhere to stay for the night and as I also wanted to get an early start in the morning it didn’t really seem worth it. So I found a quiet space at the back of some services and camped there for a few hours.

Early next morning I was on the road again heading for Dieppe via Paris, weather was getting a lot cooler now and there was even a few spots of rain. One more night was spent at a French service station then it was the final blast up the autoroute to Dieppe. I managed to reach the ferry port at 17:30 and just managed to make the 18:00 ferry.