Thiva to Molos

They really need some sort of advertising standards authority in Greece. Many of the hotels and especially the campsites reflect very little of the reviews, descriptions and pictures shown on sites such as or TripAdvisor. Very often I will use to locate a suitably priced hotel then ride to it and take a look before making a booking.

I managed to contact Marko and told him I was going to be at a campsite in Molos that evening. From the website the campsite looked fantastic, it was right on the beach, there was a restaurant bar and plenty of shade to put up tents. Well, there was plenty of room. But that’s because the site was practically empty, and the restaurant was closed. The beach, was just across a road and the sand was more like soil then sand. Which made for dirty brown sea water. At least the showers were warm, which was also appreciated by the many frogs that called the shower block their home.

There was a restaurant a short walk away so that evening, back together as a foursome, we managed to eat them out of fish and attempted to do the same with the beer.

The next morning it was time for me to say goodbye to Marko, Čiča and Milos. They were to be heading north back to Macedonia whereas I wanted to head north west towards Bulgaria. So I waved them off, finished packing up and went to find breakfast.