Traffic jam


I left Røldal earlyish (for me) and headed straight into a tunnel. I was heading for a small town called Tyssedal. This was the start of the hiking trail for the trolltunga. I wasn’t going to do the hike as I didn’t have 8-10 hours or a pair of hiking boots but I had heard that the drive to the start was worth a look.

Well, as car parks go it was ok, but I’m not sure whether it was worth the detour. It was a nice twisty single track road, but I didn’t hang about long and was soon returning the way I came back to the main road.

This stretch of road (number 13) between Odda and Kinsarvik follows the banks of a fiord. There are marinas and boat landing places all the way along with the occasional sandy beach. I was meandering along this stretch when I came across a queue of camper vans and caravans in the road, the drivers and passengers wandering about wondering what the hold up was. Being on a motorcycle I continued on to the front of the queue, passing something like 1/2 km of traffic. When I got to the front there were two Belgian bikers I had seen at Odda getting coffee, they had been waiting for 1 1/2 hours.

The road was closed for road works, they work cutting into the rock on the right of the road to compensate for that lost due to erosion on the left. 10 minutes after I arrived, we were given the OK and allowed to proceed.

Nice spot for a traffic jam though, beats the M5.