Of the 4 days I spent in Garmisch, 2 were in heavy showers and 2 in glorious sunshine. Luckily the were interleaved, so I did manage to dry out before getting wet again. Leaving on Sunday afternoon I headed south in the general direction of Italy.

I crossed the Alps through the Brenner Pass and was soon in Italian wine country. It seemed as if every piece of land that didn’t have a building or road on it was a vineyard. The temperature was nudging 30° in places, and without really knowing where I was heading I decided to find a place to stop for the night.

Finding a little farmhouse hostel in Molini in the Province of Trento I booked in and hit the bar for some local wine.

Last year I traversed Croatia from south to north, but somehow missed the Adriatic Coast Highway. Also, Marko, who I had originally arranged to meet in Italy was getting the ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari, Italy. Looking at the map I wasn’t far from Trieste and the Croation border. Instead of riding south through Italy, I could ride down the Adriatic Coast Highway to Dubrovnik and get the ferry to Italy. So, that’s how I ended up in Trieste.
Walking towards the main square
Main square by day
Lots of these narrow alleyways
Main square by night
The beer I ordered, the rest was complimentary
…and more boats