Trondheim to Mosjøen


I was hoping to make Bodø today but after spending the morning trying to find somewhere to make a more permanent tyre repair it was getting to late. Being Saturday all car repair shops are closed so despite a helpful BMW dealer phoning around I had no choice but to continue.

As long as I take it easy and top up the air every 100 miles or so it’s not to bad. So I leave the truck stop I spent the night at in Trondheim and continue north.

I took a slight detour just north of Trondheim to go through the village of Hell. There are only a handful of houses in Hell, so I guess it’s not very popular.

Along the E6 I passed the house of someone who obviously had an American thing going. There were several big US cars including a cop car and a Gas station which I thought was a cafe. It was either closed for the day or permanently though, I couldn’t tell which.

Ascending up the mountain again it’s difficult to keep your eyes on the road as the views are so amazing. Everywhere you look is a spectacular lake, river rapid or fiord.

I pass under the Nord-Norge sign, signifying entry to Northern Norway and ride through Mo i Rana, known as the Gateway to the Artic Circle.