There were no updates yesterday as my phone battery went flat and as I was camping there was nowhere to charge it up! I stopped at Louis in Traun this morning though, and picked up a handlebar bag. Now I can charge as I go along 😀.

There wasn’t much happening in any case apart from some guy dropping his 1200RT on diesel in a petrol station forecourt, no damage done. I stayed on the autobahn until I got out of Germany then headed for a campsite near Linz. It was right next to the Pichlingersee, a large lake used for boating, fishing and swimming. It was about 30°C when I arrived around 17:30, got a bit cooler in the evening then rained in the night. It’s been overcast most of today with the temperature in the low 20’s.

From Linz I took the backroad, staying off the autobahn for a change. Found a very scenic route that runs parallel to the Donau.

I am now in Vienna, a very difficult place to get around if you don’t know where you are going. It’s all one way streets and tram lines. I eventually found a cafe to stop for a coffee and schnitzel. No Viennese whirls though 😕.

Budapest is only about 2:30 from here, so I should get there between 7-8. May book ahead so I know where I am going.